Victor Patalano - Master Collaborator
Victor Patalano - Master Collaborator

Victor Patalano

Master Collaborator

Vic holds a BS in Marketing from Drexel U with 35 years of sales experience in both B to B and direct sales. He is married with 2 high school daughters. His skills include Sales Management, Solutions providing, extensive Customer relations expertise, and most of all Collaborating. His mission is to help as many people possible $ave, Learn, and Earn. He also helps business people grow via cost and time effective networking. Vic is committed to supporting both local and online communities, helping all of those in need. It’s his way of “giving back”. He belongs to multiple local civic organizations such as the Roslyn Valley Business Association, and is admin for Ft. Washington Networking Professionals and AutoMatch Alliance.

Vic's retail business selling bedding @ Mattress Outlet of Abington has evolved tremendously. He now serves as as Consumer Solutions Concierge....Three ways:
Sleep Solutions, Savings Solutions (rewards for mattress referrals), and Earnings solutions (mostly passive income through Profit Servant).

Vic also serves the B2B market with networking solutions via NIA and AMA. All of the above is designed to help both Consumers and businesses achieve their overall goals.

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