The Best Duo In Variety Music - .
The Best Duo In Variety Music - .

The Best Duo In Variety Music


The Video will premiere on Sunday, October 17th at 6:00pm EST

Strings & Steel is known for their diverse blend of variety music. The Maestro Pierre LeBlanc aka Lucky, brings years of musical professionalism to the mix with lead and backup vocals, intense guitar, studio productions of backup music, and sound engineering.

Eddy Martinez aka E.Z-E is a dynamic entertainer that brings years of professionalism to the mix on his steel drum, percussion and vocals.

The Duo has been performing together for the past 5 years, however individually they have been in show business for decades. Their unique sound is a blend of guitar, steel drum, vocals, percussions backed by studio produced multi-tracks playbacks.

Together they have created what is arguably the best Duo in variety music, making Versatility a new Genre. Their repertoire switches seamlessly from R&B, Pop, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Kompa, Twobadou, Ballads, instrumentals and Blues. They sing in English, French, Spanish and Kreyol.

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