Mike Conroy - Founder & Principal
Mike Conroy - Founder & Principal

Mike Conroy

Founder & Principal

Providing Fractional Sales Management, Lead Generation, Sales Process, Leveraging Technology and Sales Training And Coaching to Small to Mid-Sized Businesses In the Indianapolis-Metro Area.

There is a better way to increase revenue, hire and manage the salespeople and create accountability with your sales team than what business owners have been doing for the last 50 years!

1. We can fill the role of "Sales Director" for companies that have 1 or 2 Sales Managers who may not be properly prepared for the sales manager role. We evaluate, coach and set the sales strategy in alignment with the goals of the business owner. This can include sales process development, CRM implementation or proper use, and lead generation.

2. For companies that have 1-12 sales reps that need a sales manager, we take the role of Fractional Sales Manager, at a "fraction" of the cost of hiring a full-time Sales Manager, with better and predictable results.

We work with the CEOs and business owners to learn what results they're looking for from their sales team and then go about designing and implementing a Proven Repeatable Sales Process to achieve those results.

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